How do we approach new projects?

aka, FAQs, just our approach.

Akram Badr

Probably you're here for one of two reasons; either it's your first time you need a creative collaboration on a project, or you have a previous experience and you want to know if we are really different or have something new to offer. If it's the first, I will make it easier for you to understand how work is done and have full clarity while working with us. If it's the second one, I promise we are not just another team who walks you through the same presentation template we designed 7 years ago.

So let's grab you a cup of a coffee and continue reading. I've already got my double shot dark roast beans while writing this.

I've left an easy-to-fill form on the home page (and down here on this page) to walk you through this process. Yes, it's just as simple as that. There's no need to waste your time with jargon and I don't believe in the upselling approach to convince you of something you don't need. Just type what you think you need for your project and I'll look thoroughly into it.

First things first: the brief

What's next?

I will have a thorough look into what you need and get to understand your objective and criteria further beyond your answers on the form. Is it just that? Nope! I will schedule a call with you (although I prefer to meet you if possible and have a chat over coffee, this is a great ice-breaker).

Here comes the process!

During our meeting/call, I'll discuss the viability of the requested creative format. Ethically, I'm not going to accept what you need without discussing what would be better for your objective. Sometimes I will offer even a more effective solution even if it's cheaper!

Post our call and agreement, I'll communicate an estimated duration for your project and share our financial proposal, just to make things clear. You know; transparency is always the key!


That's it! We will start the work according to what we agreed upon. You're now matched with one or more of our talents and we will be working on the next big thing for everyone. Your awesome content is our beloved story.

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